Chris Cancilla was born on the East side of Cleveland Ohio, in an area known as Collinwood Village. After graduating from St. Joseph High School he joined the US Air Force. During his military career he met and Married his wife, Tammy, and as a newly married couple they traveled to, and spent the first two years of their marriage in, the country of Iceland. Returning to the US, they had two children, Allison and Gregory. Together with their cat Snip they live in North Carolina.

Chris is active in both the American Legion as the President of the TALARC (The American Legion Amateur Radio Club) Chapter at the post, and the Scouting Chair for the post and the local area.  He is the Neuse River District, Assistant District Commissioner responsible for multiple BSA units in the district.   His passion is to write, anything and everything his mind can concoct and his fingers can pound out on the keyboard.

His website, http://AuthorCancilla.com contains a summary and purchase options for all of the books he has written.  7 Science Fiction novels, a Business book that explains EDI – Electronic Data Interchange, and a cookbook that he has given away to more units than he has sold.



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