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Created by the Ancients and launched over a million years ago.  Its mission, discover the intelligence that spawned our universe.  Crewed by a collection of misfits who never intended to take on this mission in the first place; but surviving insurmountable odds, they have become a family.  The last challenge faced by the crew of Destiny before leaving the galaxy more than a billion light years from home, was to sleep for three years and hope the power held out for the ship to travel the expanse.  A vast sea of black between the galaxies.  Upon arrival at the new galaxy, replenish the power reserves and awaken the sleeping crew.

Eli Wallace, clearly the most intelligent of the group, remained to repair the last stasis chamber so the others could sleep, conserving the power needed to make the transition between galaxies.  If he was not able to repair his chamber in ten days, he decided, he would seal himself into the airlock and open the space door.  Minimal power use, quick end, he knew he would do his part in saving the ship, the crew, his friends and his family.  Leaving sufficient reserve power for the ship to make it to its destination and save the crew.




Chapter One


Destiny is dark.  The air is stagnant and heavy.  On the bridge there is a tone that indicates a gate is in range, as is a star to refuel.

There is movement off to one corner of the bridge as a hidden panel opens, revealing several stasis pods that are open, but one is in use.  Eli Wallace is standing in the pod, frozen with the look of satisfaction on his face.  A look which he has worn for many years.

The air recyclers begin to move fresh air through the ship and the pod changes from blue to natural light.  Eli begins to move and wakes up fully in a few moments.

Taking a moment to get his bearings he heads down the few steps to the bridge and sits in the center seat.  Flipping a switch, the bridge opens, raising up to reveal a set of windows and he sees a star in front of him.  Nothing on the sensors and he stays silent and motionless on the command chair while the ship dives into the star to refuel.  Fully automated, he is but an observer.

After fifteen minutes, the ship begins to leave the star and heads away.  He looked at the stasis display.  No errors, no issues.  Four pods were highlighted in orange but he could not remember who was in those specific stasis units.  He needed to head down there and find out what was happening.

“Huh.  We have never been able to store that much power before.”  Eli says out loud.  “Oh wait, I left the repair robots on automatic and they have been busy.  It looks like everyone survived. Let’s see, shields, fully operational.  Weapons, 100%.  Wow!  Nice.  Life support is good and wait.  Somehow, they repaired the hydroponics dome.  How did they do that?”

He stepped to another console to scan as far as the sensors could see.  Nothing.  Glancing at the clock, “56 hours till the next jump, three gates in range.”

He stared out of the viewscreen a few minutes at the stars and recognized nothing. Shaking his head, he smiled.  “Thank god I like to read the tech manuals!”

He thought of waking the rest of the crew but decided to let them sleep another hour.  He needed to report back to Earth that they made it.  Before he entered the stasis pod himself, he reported to Earth what he found, and that there would be no one to connect to on this end.

General O’Neill considered having him connected while in stasis, but after mentioning that they decided it was not a good thing to experiment with since they had no clue what the result would be of connecting to someone in stasis.

Standing, he almost fell over.  “OK, note to self, after exiting stasis, do not stand up too fast.”

Eli headed towards the communication room wondering if when he connected someone would be waiting.

Sitting at the seat he turned on the device and picked up a stone.  Rolling it in his hands a moment he placed it on the panel.

He found himself sitting in a room.  Looking in the mirror he realized he was a young man in BDU dress, two stripes.  He looked at the other person in the room.  “I am Eli Wallace, from Destiny.”

The woman, a full colonel, said; “Follow me.”

She led Eli to a conference room where General O’Neill was already sitting. “General O’Neill. So nice to see you.”  As he sat across from the general, Telford walked in.  “Colonel Telford, glad to see you too…. oh wait.  General Telford.  Congratulation sir.  Well deserved.”  He saw the star on his uniform where the eagle once occupied.

“Thank you, Mr. Wallace.”  Telford looked at O’Neill and continued.  “Status report.”

Eli proceeded to give a report of the status of the ship.  It took 5 minutes.  Finishing up his report, “Currently, I am the only one awake as per the general’s orders before I entered stasis.  I was giving the ship a couple hours to stabilize the systems and get life support running before it was really needed.”

Eli heard the door open behind him and a woman stopped next to him.  He looked up at her, “MOM!”

“Eli!”  Eli stood and they hugged.

“What are you doing here?”

“I work here now.  Since I’m a nurse, they found a place for me in medical.  Not only that, but they cured me.”


“Mr. Wallace, we can have that conversation later.  Go back and wake up the gang,” O’Neill said with flare, “Ask Dr. Rush and Colonel Young to pop in for a chat.”

“Yes sir.”  He glanced up at the clock over the door, 3pm.  “Would 6pm be a good time?”

“Peachy.  That will give them a chance to get a thorough status and a complete briefing.”  He paused.

“Mrs. Wallace, will you please escort your son back to the communications room?”

“Yes General, with pleasure.”

As they left the room to return to where he started a bit ago, “So, how did they cure you?”

“Well, what I had was terminal.  I was about to die and on my death bed I was given the opportunity to help someone else.  Do you know what a Toc’Ra is?”

“A snake that inhabits a human host and shares the body.  A mingling of personalities, and they become dependent on each other.”

“That is a good explanation.  When I was literally on my last few breaths, they offered a chance to be cured, but the cost would be to host a symbiont.  I took it, and an hour later I was whole, healed, and complete.  I share my body with a Tok’Ra named Taunaw.  She and I have been together nearly a year, and I completely understand everything about your situation.”

“Really Mom?”

“Yes Eli.  Taunaw is quite the scientist and is very impressed with you.”

Eli stopped and grinned at her, “So, does that mean you can make your eyes glow?”

His mother smiled at him and dipped her head slightly.  A moment later she looked up at him, and her eyes glowed.


“Eli, I am Taunaw.  Your mother cares for you more than anyone or anything.”

“Now that was something they never mentioned, the voice change.”  He paused a few seconds and gave his mother a hug. “So, you’re a scientist?”

“What was that hug for?”

“For saving my mother.”

“Odd.  Most humans, when they learn we are blended, are disgusted and cannot be normal around us.  You seem to understand.”

“AH!  Normal.  You mean like having your body a billion and a half light years from where you are on a spaceship traveling at insane velocities fending off the oddest aliens imaginable who are trying their damndest to erase you from existence.”

“Oh, very close.”  His mother’s face smiled at him and she said in her best Goa’uld voice.

They walked the rest of the way to the room and entered.  “Eli, Taunaw and I will make the trip back to see you when the others travel here.  Please send Camille Wray, Colonel Young, Dr. Rush, and Master Sergeant Greer.  We will have individuals ready to receive their consciousness in 3 hours.”  It was his mother’s voice again.

“That is so cool.”  And with that, the connection was terminated.

He was sitting in the communications room again.  The airman he changed with left him a note.

To whom it may concern.  This is so cool.  I managed to look around a bit and found the big room and the park.  That is very interesting.  It looks a little overgrown but the fruit and vegetables are very good.  Thank you for the opportunity to experience this.  Airman Markel

“PARK?  What park?”

He stood and went to the hydroponics bay.  It had to be the place he was talking about.  He opened the door and was amazed.  It was a botanical nightmare.  But beautiful.

Eli walked around the room amazed there was enough light, sun light, to grow the plants.  He found the kiwi-like fruit that Greer liked so much and next to it he saw a new species.  He ate a few things and they were all very tasty.

“Now it’s time to wake the crew.”



24 Apr



Terra Nova was a wonderful television series on Fox.

It aired one season, 13-episodes, from September 26 to December 19, 2011.

There was no closure.  It is missed daily by many people.

This is a story about the next events in the life of the Terra Nova Colony.







 Commander Nathaniel Taylor, leader of the Terra Nova expedition to the year 85 million BC or so, walks casually across the main compound as he has done thousands of time before.  As he looked at each face he passed, they all had the same look.  Hope; had he given them hope when they could not see it themselves?  A simple act of disconnecting them, the thousand or so travelers in his charge – colonists – stranded in the distant past, from their future or former present in the year 2149.  Hope Plaza, a fitting name for the beginning of hope for the survival of the human race, was gone; the temporal rift was gone. The terminus was gone.

Taylor came up with the plan but the Sheriff, Jim Shannon, had executed the plan flawlessly as far as he was concerned.  Less than a year ago, closer to 6 months, half the Shannon family had stowed away; Jim, after breaking out of prison for having a third child, along with his youngest daughter Zoe, covertly arrived on the 10th pilgrimage where the rest of the family, his wife Elisabeth, his son Josh and daughter Maddy, were transitioned from 2149 to 85 million BC to create a new life for themselves in the only colony of humanity, well before humanity even existed.

Commander Taylor saw something in this stow away that eventually led Taylor to offer Shannon a position on his Security Force; where Shannon was in command of the colony at times; at least when the commander and his second in command, Lt. Washington, were away from the colony on business, or simply off fishing.

To disconnect themselves from the future, and survive in the past, it was necessary to tranquilize a Carnotaurus; which meant possible death for Taylor who helmed this duty for himself, using himself as bait and hoping his men shoot the tranquilizer darts where they would act fast, before he was eaten or squashed or worse.  It worked.  The carno was placed into the cargo pod that was swapped with a cargo pod containing something Mira, a sixer, found in the badlands; Shannon volunteered to babysit the sleeping monster until the pod was opened and he could inject the beast with a massive stimulant, as his wife instructed him, as close to the creature’s heart as possible.

Why did he volunteer for this duty?  Well, after all, Shannon had broken into the Hope Plaza complex to stow away and get to Terra Nova to start a new life with his family so he sorta knew his way around already.  At least, that’s what he told his wife.  Either way, after spending a couple years in prison for having a third child, anything was better.

Just before Weaver opened the pod to show off all the meteorite minerals, and what they found in the Badlands, Shannon injected the monster.  For Weaver, all the money he and his employers were going to make were gone at that moment, his plan to ravage the past had backfired thanks to Jim Shannon and the rest of those colonists fighting for their lives 85 million years in the past.

He injected the sleeping creature with the massive stimulant, directly into the heart of the beast, literally, and it went to work terrorizing Hope Plaza and making a quick snack of Weaver’s employers, and finally Weaver himself.  Leaving just enough chaos in its wake so Shannon could maneuver around the facility and place the massive explosive, the pyrosonic device Lucas brought back to clear the land of all flora and fauna so they could lay claim to, and mine, the meteoric metals buried in the dirt. Shannon dropped Lucas’ pyrosonic bomb into a tube, a vent, that lead directly to the main power core, the reactor, of the dome where Hope Plaza is …was… located.  The detonation destroyed the entire dome and destroyed the time fracture.  Effectively cutting the colony, and everyone else, off from the future.

It worked.  At the last instant both he and the carno escaped back to the past where they had started, 85 million BC.  He landed several kilometers away from where the terminus would be, thanks to Malcom, who managed to destroy the time tether in the past; allowing the colony to start a new life as a group of the only humans on an Earth where the future is not yet written, in a different time stream than they left.  A future where they will care for the planet and not destroy it.  A future where each generation will instill in the next version of themselves a desire to preserve and not to destroy.  Hopefully, teaching greed and apathy out of the human psyche.

But there are still some who want to profit by the exploitation and destruction of THIS new Earth.  Since it is in a different timeline than the Earth they left, these marauders…. pirates see nothing wrong with destroying this planet and gaining wealth in the process.  Led by Commander Taylor’s estranged son, Lucas Taylor already made a name for himself as a ruthless killer bent on revenge.  By personally putting a bullet into the head of Commander Taylor’s second in command and a woman Taylor considered a sister.  Lt. Alicia Washington died while Commander Taylor watched helplessly.  She was killed by the hand of Lucas for crimes against him, his policy and rules set forth by him and the Phoenix Group; Lucas had also managed to stick a knife into his father’s side hoping to wound him just enough where he could finish him off and watch as he died slowly.  Thankfully, Skye Tate arrived and put a couple bullets into Lucas and both she and Taylor thought she killed him.  Unfortunately, Lucas managed to survive the shooting and disappeared into the woods while Skye was performing first aid on Lucas’ knife work on Taylor; he did not gain his revenge on his father, but rather learned his father had managed to thwart his plans to have 2-way travel through the terminus; thereby negating his efforts to rape this pristine world and leave nothing behind but the empty remains of a once plush land.  These plans were put on hold.

Lucas commands the army of mercenaries from the Phoenix Group.  Bringing enough firepower and manpower to not only decimate the colony and everyone in it, but also to strip this plush world and ravage it into a prehistoric version of the crippled world they left behind in 2149.  Once the terminus was destroyed, and the connection in Hope Plaza in 2149 was lost; the Phoenix Group, the sixers, and anyone else who opposed the colony began to make their way to the Badlands; a place where not many are willing to venture.  Could it be a temporal nexus, bringing together time periods from all of history?  Multiple universes?  No one is certain, but they found several interesting artifacts to just add more fire to their theories.

Commander Nathaniel Taylor had walked in through the front gate of his compound; he was doing a personal visit, his daily check, on the remote guard outposts.  A secure location he put in place roughly 100 meters outside the wall and 100 meters from a large chasm they made to stop vehicles from making it all the way to the gates easily.  It was something he thought about doing a year or so ago but never got around to it.  The Phoenix group was kind enough to leave some mining equipment behind, the diggers made short work of the 20-meter-deep by 10-meter-wide moat filled with nothing but air.  This also stopped a lot of the local creatures from making runs on the colony walls; a good thing since the walls were shot to hell by Lucas and his goon squad.  Some repairs take priority over others, the security fence is on the top of that list.

Returning to the compound he walked past people he knew, some better than others, exchanging pleasantries with the people he protects daily with his life and hopefully his wisdom.  A few of those are the initial transfers from the 11th Pilgrimage, those fortunate enough to survive the explosion at the terminus.

He was still sore, but not in too much pain, not fully healed from where his son pushed the knife into his side, but Elisabeth, Dr. Shannon, had done a fine job of his repair in her makeshift clinic in the woods while hiding from the mercenaries hired to protect Lucas and the exploiters of this beautiful world.

He entered a small building near the EYE, an information repository of all human knowledge.  It was formerly his conference room and lying on each table, was a friend, a subordinate, a comrade in arms lying peacefully, covered with a sheet; 29 dead, unacceptable losses all of them.  But there was one that made him both sad and mad.  Commander Taylor walked over to a table and stopped.  Folding the sheet back neatly to uncover the face of Lt. Alicia Washington; Wash as he and most people called her.  He took a medal out of his pocket and pinned it to the bloody shirt just above her still heart.

He surveyed the room and a tear formed in his eye.  He took a couple steps back and saluted to the room.  A perfect example of a proper military salute.  Holding it for a moment he turned slightly and faced Wash full on.  Ending the reverent gesture with a snap, his hand fell to his side and his eyes were transfixed on the unnaturally white face of his second in command.  No, strike that, his former second in command and the woman he felt was more like a sister than a subordinate.  She stitched him up more times than he wanted to remember.

He walked back over and covered her face with the sheet, not realizing the Sheriff had entered the room a few moments earlier.  He turned and saw Jim Shannon standing near the door.  They locked eyes for a moment, not needing to say a single word.  Shannon nodded slightly to Taylor; Taylor returned the gesture and left the room in silence.

Taylor was in the room to pay his respects; Shannon was there for a different purpose.  As the local law enforcement, it was his job, as nasty as it was, to review all of the bodies and learn what happened to them.  He did not need to do that with Lt. Washington, since he watched Lucas, Commander Taylors son and leader of the mercenaries, shoot her in the head because she, singlehandedly, created a massive diversion which allowed the entire Shannon family to escape from the compound and into the woods to meet up with Taylor and the rest of the guards from the colony who managed to escape from the terminus before the Phoenix Group could surround and kill them all.  Taking prisoners was a last resort, and only done to the seriously wounded who could be of use later.

Because Lucas had his own agenda, he did not follow the plans laid out by his employers who were still in 2149; this allowed for the Terra Nova residence to plan and execute the complete destruction of Hope Plaza, stranding everyone in the past.

Mira, leader of the sixers, blames her inability to return home to the future to be with her daughter on Lucas.  He was so hell bent on the revenge of his father that he was blinded to what was truly happening around him.  She will never get to see her daughter again, a daughter who has not been born yet and who will not be born for at least another 85 million years in a different place, a different time, a different life, a different universe.  If she had her way, she would put a bullet in Lucas’ head and move on.  But she works for him and the mercenaries are loyal to him, she needed it to look like an accident, or frame someone else to take the fall, hopefully one of the mercenaries.


24 Apr

Conclave was a blast.  Met a LOT of people, cooked a lot of food, had a lot of fun!

But then again, I like camping and being in the woods.  it is where I find peace and can relax.

Order of the Arrow

29 Mar

Let’s go back to Spring of 2018, I was tapped out for the OA, the Order of the Arrow.  Known as the BSA Honor Society but it is a great deal more.  For more than a century the Order of the Arrow (OA) has recognized Scouts and Scouters who best exemplify the Scout Oath and Law in their daily lives. This recognition provides encouragement for others to live these ideals as well.

Service is the most important mindset of this organization, and yes, it is nation wide.  Members of the order are in each and every state, everywhere there are members of the Bot Scouts of America.

There are requirements to join; being the rank of First Class or higher if you are in a ScoutsBSA troop, Discovery or higher if you are in a Venture Crew.   Enough nights camping in a tent, with at least one long-term camp (5+days).

But all in all, easy for anyone to achieve.  However, that does not assure you get in.  The members of your unit, ALL members of your unit, vote an the Scouts who are eligible.  Yes, the Scouts who are in the OA, and the scouts who are NOT in the OA, vote you in, or not.  Their criteria, are you deserving!

Youth members of the OA are there at the election to inform you, guide you, and answer your questions.  Adults are there to advise the youth.

The OA is truly an organization that is 100% youth led.  The adults are there to answer questions, make things happen, and advise as necessary.

The OA is broken down into a Lodge and a chapter.  Lodge for the Council level, and Chapter for the District.  I served my lodge and chapter in a couple ways.  I was an adult advisor for the elections team, and for the lodge, Lodge 104 actually, I served on the cook crew and for Conclave 2019, I am again serving my brothers on the cook crew.

OK, back to spring of 2018, I had no idea what to expect from the Ordeal, and I am glad the proceedings were “kept” under wraps.  Not secret, because if any Scout pressed the issue their fears would be taken care of I’m certain.  But I opted to let it all be a surprise.

One of the activities you endure during ordeal is a service project.  I, and 4 others, were assigned to the Grand Lodge.  The dining hall for the Summer Camp at Camp Durant in Carthage, NC; a part of the Occoneechee Council.  We cleaned all the windows, inside and out; we cleaned all the walls, inside the dining area and yes, we cleaned all the walls in the cooking area and the kitchen storage area as well.  It was literally a full day of cleaning, with a smile on our faces.  We all rather enjoyed the activity.

OK, now fast forward to Pow Wow, Spring of 2019.  All 5 of us made it back to Camp Durant and all 5 of us took the Brotherhood Trail.  There are three level of membership in the OA; Ordeal, Brotherhood, and Vigil.  The 5 of us made it through the Brotherhood trail and celebrated as friends you totally accomplished something special.

We went through the ceremony to receive our Brotherhood Sash together, and it was an amazing ceremony.  The symbolism and the words of the story told by the youth leadership dressed in Native American regalia was truly captivating, and I was mesmerized by the story.

At the next Brotherhood Trail, I plan to volunteer to man the trail, and welcome new Brothers into the Brotherhood.

So if you attend the SR-7B Conclave at Camp Durant in April of 2019, please look me up, I will be cooking your meals and having a blast!




Chris Cancilla is an amateur Radio Operator, Instructor Volunteer Examiner.  Go to to learn more.

To find out about his currently available books, briefings, and novels, go to


7 Mar

Now I have 2 websites! and

What’s the difference, why two sites?  Let me explain.

First there was which is a site and place I explain and sell the books that I write.  So far, at this moment, there are 18 of them.  The books contain a 7-Part Science Fiction Time Travel novel series, a 5-Part EDI Education Briefing Series, 2 books on Scouting (a New Parents guide and a guide for the first time Summer Camp attendee), 2 cookbooks – one for in the house and in the woods, and one for backpack cooking and eating better on the trail.  a book that contains a wide variety of topics that I call the Collection and lastly, a book for anyone with an interest in Amateur Radio, a Q&A book to see if you are really interested, what to study, the test and other information for your education and entertainment.

Will there be more books in the future?  YES!  I have even given you access to a free one on the website.  Go check it out!

This is a new site used for everything ham radio. is where people will go to learn when the next radio related event will be, and to register to take the FCC Exam.  I am affiliated with the VEC organization called Laurel.  Laurel does not charge anyone to take a test, which to me is awesome.  This is the reason I decided to go with them to become a Volunteer Examiner, and now to create a group to provide the testing services to the Wake Forest, NC area.



Digital Martini!!

18 Feb

February 18, 2018

Blog Post #1, Welcome

     Good day friends.

     I am adding a BLOG to my website and wanted to give it a post, so here it is.  

     Let’s talk about the Digital Martini.  What is it?


We all have friends who come home from work and feel they need to search for some type of liquid refreshment.  Myself, and other creative people I know, search for what we call the Digital Martini.

To relax after a long day racing rats, where the rats usually win, requires a certain amount of mental and physical relaxation.  Working out at the gym lifting weights, swimming, walking, jogging are a few of the methods people use to physically relieve the stress of the day.  But what about the mind?  Some choose to watch television, cartoons, sit-coms, while others choose to write down a sit-com that is playing out in their mind.  These are the artists of the written word.

To do justice is to start with a small thought, nurture it as it begins to grow in your mind, and help it to develop its own unique personality by letting it run itself.  Sitting in front of a keyboard is the most relaxing thing I have forced myself to do.  Allowing my mind to become intoxicated with an alien world, or the distant past of my hometown is the greatest decompression chamber available to the human animal.  For those who prefer manual entry, i.e. pen and paper, you have a small advantage.  1) You can read what you have written as opposed to simply reading the text, and   2) you are getting more of a physical element than those of use who use a keyboard.  It does not matter how you express your mind, as long as you do.

Starting with a few random thoughts a story or an essay is born.  How the artist directs the story line is unique in not only the person, but also unique to the individual story at that moment.  If the artist started the same story a few hours later the events would undoubtedly differ from those formed earlier, depending on the events and mood of the writer.  If the author was having a bad day, there may be a dark story line; if the author was having a good day, the story may be brighter or more positive.

Regardless of the words actually entered into history one thing is for certain.  The author of the text is relaxing their mind and dealing with the stresses of the day.  Once that is accomplished, the artist can join their family refreshed and happy in the knowledge they are free from the stress of the world, at least mentally, and continue on with their evening.  Eventually someone will read the ramblings of the writer and perhaps find entertainment and some level of pleasure, along with a measure of mental relaxation of their own, in the reading of the manuscript.  Who knows?  The writer may even be good.  But you can’t know unless you try.